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a conversation about Brad

I was talking to a girl I knew from LJ on MSN and this is what was said about Brad...

Adrea: Ben asked if there was some way to pay more and get our user names on the new shirts!!!!! And Brad actually answered him and said it's a possibility.
Nikki: Brad is awesome!
Adrea: He's all mysterious in my mind.
Nikki: I have this huge obsession with him I think
Adrea: Hahahaha. Nikki has a crush..........
Nikki: i have since I learned he was the mastermind of lj... he's a genius and he's hot!
Adrea: I have him on a bit of a pedestal myself...
Nikki: he is god!
Adrea: Hahahaha!!!!!! Yes. Lord Brad.
Nikki: I would bow down to him if I saw him... who cares about tom cruise.... i'd bow to brad!
Adrea: Me too!!!!!!
Nikki: i don't think he has a sense of how godly he is

hahah yes... I am Nikki.
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